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Barbiecore Design and How Can You Add It to Your Backyard Space?

Backyard with pink flamingo and plants



If you loved decorating your Barbie Dreamhouse as a child and liked all things Barbie, then you’re in luck! A new design trend is taking the world by storm: Barbiecore.


Barbiecore design combines many of the traditional elements associated with the beloved toy doll and her classic look while adapting these aspects to create a more modern visual landscape that’s become its own unique aesthetic.


Read the tips below to find out more!



So What is Barbiecore Design and What Does it Entail?

Barbiecore design is not necessarily something you should be taking literally.


Rather than solely relying on the physical dolls themselves, this design pulls inspiration from a number of elements and popular styles from past decades. It’s a fun, bold mix of Hollywood glamour, feminine frills, and retro inspo that rests heavily on 1980s-style pieces.


Don’t feel the need to completely transform your space into Barbiecore right away. Even if you like the visual look of the style, transition your space slowly and adapt it to suit your personal taste. Start small, by mixing and matching decorative elements that fit this theme.


You can even apply this design to your backyard!



Here Are 15 Ways You Can Adapt the Style to Your Backyard Space



1. Embrace Pink

A central element of  Barbiecore is unavoidable: the colour pink.


Barbie’s main colour palette has been pink since her conception, and this design heavily incorporates it. However, you are free to take some liberty with how much of it you want to use. Not everything has to be pink, and certainly not the traditional Barbie hot pink if you don’t care for it. Remember, the colours you choose should be liveable and have a lifespan that lasts longer than a week before you grow sick of them. Luckily, Barbiecore gives the option of mixing pink hues that range from soft and delicate to vibrant and bright. There are many ways you can subtly integrate pink into your decorative scheme without it becoming overwhelming.



2. Rosé Bar Cart

A rosé bar cart is a great way to embrace Barbiecore without it being totally obvious.


An elegant bar cart with bottles of rosé and dainty, pink coupe glasses is the perfect feminine nod to the design. Serve your guests from the subtly pink-themed refreshment station when you host your next backyard bash.



3. Barbie Resin Coasters

If you want a more direct connection to Barbiecore, Etsy is filled with Barbie-themed accessories and decor items to choose from.


Resin coasters that contain Barbie’s iconic pink plastic hangers are an adorable touch to add to your bar cart or on top of your outdoor coffee table.



4. Flamingo Decor

Flamingo decor feels very reminiscent of Barbie’s style while also emanating retro vibes and adding pops of classic bright pink.


Oversized flamingo pool floaties are very Barbie Dreamhouse, but you can also incorporate the vibrant bird through lawn and garden ornaments, stake lights, and even small string lights. This decor choice is kitschy and funky in all the right ways and can be an excellent way to tie your outdoor Barbiecore theme together.



5. Pompom Garland

Simple but cheerful, multicoloured pompom garlands come in a variety of different styles that you can choose from.


Many include pink or are fully pink, making them an easily customizable option to hang in your yard.



6. Chairs

There are several approaches you can have when including Barbiecore chairs in your outdoor design.


Pink garden bistro sets, coordinated pink chair cushions, matching bar stools, or fully committing to a pink dining chair set are all potential options.



7. Plant Pots

Plant pots with soft pink hues or geometric designs are understated choices that work well with the Barbiecore theme.


There are so many different choices available when choosing planters and plant pots, so you can decide how heavily you want to lean on this design.



8. Checkered Rug

A pink checkered rug adds a layer of punchy softness to an otherwise neutral space.


You can layer another one underneath it, like a jute mat for instance, or you can let it speak for itself. This is a great way to introduce a statement piece if you don’t want to overcrowd your backyard with too many Barbiecore elements.



9. Tabletop Pieces

Tie everything together with smaller elements like outdoor tabletop pieces.



Bright coloured table setting


This can include cutlery, placemats, napkins, and dishes. Soft, rosy pink hues would work nicely for a table set up and look more sophisticated and elegant.



10. Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are a terrific way to inject a big pop of pink into your backyard.


Go big and bold or subtle and sweet–the choice is up to you.



11. Matching Loungers

There are few things that say Barbiecore more than matching pink loungers out by the pool or side by side in the sun.



12. Pink Florals

What better way to add pink to your outdoor oasis than by planting pink flowers in your garden?


Options for pink flowering plants include roses, peonies, begonias, azaleas, butterfly bushes, calla lilies, hollyhocks, hydrangeas, tulips, meadowsweet, snapdragons, sweet peas, and petunias. Additionally, you can cut fresh florals and arrange them in vases around your patio.



13. Candles with Pink Candlestick Holders

For this option, you can choose pink candles with clear or pink candlestick holders.


As well, there are LED candle varieties that can have their colour changed to any hue you desire, including pink. These will add a subtle touch of colour that won’t feel obtrusive to your space.



14. Ceramic Tile Vase

A pink tile vase is not only absolutely adorable and is very reminiscent of 80s decor. Fill it with peonies or roses for an added touch.



15. Eye-Catching Chandelier

Capture the glitz and glamour of traditional Barbie style with an eye-catching chandelier.


Glittery and functional, this statement piece will surely get your guests talking and be the perfect addition above an outdoor dining area.



16. Retro Outdoor Coffee Table

Many coffee table options would work seamlessly with the Barbiecore theme.


From tiled varieties to fully pink tables, you can pick the one that fits your vision best.



17. Pink Pouffes

Outdoor pouffes are cute and comfortable pieces that can be used as seating or to put your feet up. Look for pouffes in subtle pinks or neutral jute.



18. Pink Tile

Not satisfied with the tile vase alone?



Pink tile


Really up the scale of your Barbiecore design by installing a pink tile backsplash over a cooking station or pink flooring. There are countless styles to choose from, ranging from simple to geometric to detailed designs. This is a surefire way to completely transform your outdoor space and fully commit to the Barbiecore theme.



19. Vibrant Neon Lighting

Neon signs have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and many people love the look of a vintage-inspired sign lighting up their space.


You can find hundreds of styles online or from speciality stores in different shapes, sayings, and colours. You can even customize your own neon sign if you can’t find something you like. Stick with the pink theme and your backyard will glow proudly with the Barbiecore aesthetic.



20. Large Plants

Including large potted plants like birds of paradise, palms, and elephant ears around your backyard space can fit with the Barbiecore theme perfectly.


The added greenery balances pink hues beautifully, while modernizing the look without it becoming childish or tacky.




No matter how strongly you choose to embrace Barbiecore design, you can add so much personality and unique style to your backyard oasis if you use it for inspiration. Especially if you love the colour pink, this trend was certainly made for you.


Combine some of the suggestions above, and enjoy your newly transformed Barbie-approved space!




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