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20 Design Ideas to Elevate Your Balcony

Balcony with patio furniture



If you’re interested in upgrading your balcony, but don’t know where to start or what you should switch up, then look no further. Elevating your balcony doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. Even the simplest changes and additions can make a world of difference to a balcony’s overall aesthetic.


Check out some of these ideas to get your balcony makeover started.



1. Seating

A balcony is often seen as an additional place in your home to rest and relax, so seating is a fundamental aspect that you should be focusing on.


Lightweight chairs that are durable and equally as comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time are important factors to consider if you want to prioritse reliable balcony accommodations.


Ultimately, you should be thinking about what purpose your balcony will be serving, and structure your layout around that theme, which includes the chairs you choose. For example, if extended relaxation is your goal, then opt for cushioned lounger chairs. Or, if you only want to enjoy your mornings out on the balcony before work, then you likely won’t need anything more than a simple set of café chairs.



2. Flooring

The right flooring can really elevate your balcony’s design and make it unique.


There are options that don’t require heavy-duty reno work like snap on outdoor tiles that are easy to adjust and simple to clean. However, if you want to invest in a permanent change, then consider looking at various vinyl flooring options that you can have installed by professionals.



3. Added Privacy

Whether you want to protect yourself from the sun and heat, or block the view of a nosy neighbour, consider the additional privacy you may have to implement onto your balcony.


To upgrade the seclusion of your balcony you can add privacy screens and curtains, or be tactical with where you arrange furniture and plants so they block the most visible viewpoints.



4. Dining

A balcony is the perfect place to turn into an outdoor dining area.


Look for just the right dining set–ake sure you choose a table and matching chairs that don’t take up too much room so that it becomes difficult to navigate and sit down. After the main furniture is chosen, the remaining elements will be easier to select and can serve to tie everything else together.

Who doesn’t want to eat outdoors on a beautiful summer night overlooking their own backyard? Turning your balcony into an outdoor eating space is ideal for at-home dates as well.



5. Lighting

Lighting is another necessary element to consider when decorating your balcony.


Patio string lights are versatile and can be hung from above, strung along opposing walls, or draped from balcony railings. These lights often add soft, warm lighting that isn’t too bright or obtrusive.

Candles–either burnable or LED varieties–are another option as well. They’re perfect for mood lighting and can turn a simple balcony into an intimate date spot with the press of a button or scratch of a match.



6. Repurpose What You Already Have

Take a look at items you may have lying around but aren’t actively using for any particular purpose.


Old furniture or outdoor decor that’s stored away? A wooden ladder that has no use? A shelf that’s sitting untouched? These are all opportunities to be DIY-ed into something for your balcony.

Look to Pinterest for inspiration and get creative–you never know what you might be able to do with items you already have on hand.



7. Balcony Bar

Who doesn’t want their own personal bar? A balcony bar is a fun design idea, especially for the hot summer months.


Stock up and roll out a bar cart or a wine fridge, and structure your decor around that theme. Arrange some comfortable stools, and even think about investing in a retro neon bar sign for an eye-catching focal point.



8. Highlight the View

If your balcony faces a great view, then why not make the most out of it?


Move anything that may be unnecessarily blocking the central view, and arrange furniture so that it’s pointing towards it, instead of away. When you have mother nature doing most of the work for you, you don’t need to overcompensate with any overwhelming decor.



9. Greenery and Florals

Balconies have a lot of potential as a place to arrange plants and flowers.



Room outlooking towards balcony with lots of greenery


Stay organized and map out a plan for what you want to buy and where you want to put each item. As mentioned previously, larger plants can double as an option for privacy, so place them where you need the coverage.

Empty corners that can’t fit furniture or other decor can be perfect for potted plants and flowers. This can add a sense of symmetry, and can work if hanging plants are installed above on each side as well. Be mindful to add draining trays to the bottom of each plant–you don’t want water spilling all over your balcony and dripping onto your deck or patio below.



10. Fountains

Fountains are calming, unique decor pieces that can truly enhance any outdoor space.


Countless smaller fountain options that can fit any balcony size are available.



11. Gas Fire Pit

If you want to make your balcony the ideal place to go to during a cool summer night or autumn evening, then a gas fire pit would be the perfect addition to your balcony.


Pay attention to sizes and maintenance, as well as overall design.



12. Experiment With Colour

Experimenting with colour is a great way to take your balcony from bland to beautiful.


Try introducing pops of colour through throw cushions, wall art, decor, and flowers. You don’t need to go overboard, but adding in a few colourful pieces can really make a difference in the overall look of your balcony.



13. Kitchenette

Turning your balcony into a charming kitchenette is a great idea, especially if you love to cook and want another place in your home to hone your skills.


Invest in a rollable kitchen island to do your food prep on and to store additional cooking items, and look at the various options for grills. No matter what your size requirements are, you’ll be able to find a selection of items that suit your cooking needs.



14. Modular Furniture

Modular patio furniture is a great option for balconies.


It’s versatile and in-style. Modular furniture also works well since you can arrange it serve different purposes depending on what your needs are.



15. Outdoor Office

The pandemic introduced a boom in work-from-home, makeshift solutions for workers across the globe. No one likes working inside on a beautiful day, so why not turn your unused balcony into an outdoor office and enjoy the nice weather while you work?


Invest in a detachable desk that can hook onto your balcony railing and a chair that’s comfortable to sit in. Build your design around desk as you typically would for a workspace, and you’ll have the comfort of working from home while being able to appreciate the outdoors.



16. Cozy Nook

Balconies have so much potential for coziness and intimacy.



Comfortable nook in balcony


Combine comfortable furniture, soft blankets and floor pillows with muted mood lighting, and you have the perfect spot to curl up and read a book or watch a movie.



17. Focal Rug

Sometimes all you really need to completely transform a space is one focal item.


Finding a statement rug that matches your design desires can really pull an area together without needing to invest in multiple items. Add an eye-catching, oriental rug underneath a dining set or in front of a seating area as a nice finishing touch.



18. Scenic Bistro

Bistro dining sets are as charming as they are functional.


If you primarily use your balcony for morning coffee and breakfasts during the sunrise, then this is the perfect option for you. The right bistro set speaks for itself, and you won’t need a lot of additional decor to go along with it.

If you want to take it one step further, consider introducing a small coffee bar, complete with a french press and mugs that are ready and waiting for you when you wake up.



19. Calming Getaway

A balcony can be an excellent spot to unwind.


If you need a place to do yoga and meditate that puts your mind at ease, then your balcony might be the ideal spot for it. Roll out a rattan rug, bring out a decorative fountain, and arrange a selection of lush greenery, and there you have it–a personal oasis.



20. Keep It Clean

No matter how you decide to decorate your balcony, one of the most important things you can do is keep it clean and tidy.


Make an effort to sweep at least once a week, wipe dust off surfaces, look after your plants, and clean up any spilled food or debris so that your balcony is inviting and well-kept.




Balconies have so much potential in terms of design and multifunctional layouts.


Use these ideas for inspiration for your next balcony project, and make the most out your space!




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