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Ideas for Creating Your Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

Wooden deck with lighting and lounge at night


Do you look forward to arriving home every day so you can relax, unwind, or have fun with family and friends? Do you love to spend time outdoors but find you don't have ideal outdoor living spaces for relaxing, dining, and entertaining? Then you'll love our list of ideas for creating your ultimate outdoor oasis!


Below, we help you envision your luxury backyard design by offering backyard oasis ideas that you can incorporate into your outdoor living spaces. Life is too short not to have an outdoor oasis that you absolutely love! Continue reading to get inspired!


Start With a Great Deck

The foundation of every perfect outdoor oasis is a high-quality deck – literally! Your deck provides an essential starting point for many of the ideas on our list below. It offers a sturdy platform for relaxation, dining, and entertainment while also serving as a focal point in your backyard that you can build on and around.


If you don't have a deck already or your current deck is looking worse for wear, consider building a custom deck or working with a local deck builder like Decks by Premier to ensure you have a safe and reliable foundation for your backyard oasis!


Incorporate Privacy Features

After a busy day or week, most people are eager to retreat to a quiet, private space away from the view of neighbours or passersby. That is why privacy is high on our list of ideas for creating your ultimate outdoor oasis! Whether you have a large property or a smaller yard, there are many great ways to incorporate backyard privacy features into your outdoor living space.


If you do not already have a fence, that is a great place to start, particularly if you have neighbours or wish to block the view of buildings or other spaces near your home. Fences are a fantastic investment because they are multi-purpose; they add privacy, increase safety for children and pets, and provide vertical space for plants, lighting, and garden décor. They also last for decades with proper care and require only occasional maintenance.


Other backyard privacy ideas include shade sails, canopies, pergolas, gazebos, privacy screens/walls, trees, shrubs, and outdoor privacy curtains. These are all helpful for creating a privacy screen without a fence. By incorporating any of these backyard privacy ideas, you'll be one step closer to enjoying your outdoor oasis!


Couple enjoying outdoor deck


Build Your Backyard Relaxation Stations

An outdoor oasis is the perfect place to rest and rejuvenate, which is why many homeowners are always seeking backyard relaxation ideas to incorporate into their outdoor living spaces.


Backyard relaxation features can be very simple and cost-effective, such as adding comfortable patio furniture to your deck or pergola or creating a quiet section in your garden where you can sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Of course, don't forget about the ease and appeal of adding a swing to your outdoor living space too!


Other backyard relaxation ideas include installing a hot tub to help you fully unwind while soaking away your stresses (and muscle tension). You can even incorporate a sauna into your backyard spa and hot tub design for the ultimate relaxation station.


Backyard meditation or yoga space designs are another creative way to establish intentional spaces for relaxation. Reserve a space on your deck or in your gazebo to place your yoga mat or build a yoga platform specifically dedicated to your practice if you like! It’s your outdoor oasis – so the sky is the limit!


Go With the Flow of Backyard Water Features

No tranquil environment is complete without a backyard water feature. The gentle trickle of a water feature is the perfect soundtrack for enjoying your morning coffee, practicing yoga, reading your book, or lounging with friends. Backyard water features are available in all shapes and sizes, and it is easier than you think to build a fully custom water feature for your outdoor oasis. Small ponds can also be very beautiful and therapeutic if you have more space in your yard.


Add High-End Backyard Features

If you love to cook, eat, and entertain, high-end backyard features like outdoor kitchens (with pizza ovens) are must-haves for your backyard oasis! We are big fans of outdoor kitchens and dining areas because we see every day how much they can elevate a property while creating more space for friends and family to gather. If you have been thinking about building an outdoor kitchen and need ideas about where to start, you will love our post on the elements of an outdoor kitchen!


Don’t forget about considering backyard bar or lounge design, too, when planning your high-end backyard features. These elements can really take your kitchen, dining, and entertainment areas to the next level! Even a small wet or dry bar in your outdoor oasis can significantly increase your convenience while adding to the luxury appeal of a fully equipped outdoor bar.


And, of course, elegant, and comfortable lounge spaces are must-haves for every great entertaining space. You, your family, and all your guests won't want to go inside when you have so much to enjoy in your outdoor oasis!


People sitting in an outdoor area


Make Space for Entertainment

Whether you love to curl up with your partner and watch your favourite series, pack all your friends onto the couch to watch sports, or turn your deck into a dancefloor, your outdoor oasis is the perfect place to incorporate backyard entertainment ideas!


While backyard games are always fun, many homeowners are now going above those classic outdoor entertainment ideas and making space for luxury entertainment features and looking for backyard theater or entertainment center ideas. Backyard sound or music system ideas are also popular for homeowners seeking to maximize their home entertainment experience.


Enjoy Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Ideas

Nothing completes a beautiful summer night better than an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Fire features are the perfect place to gather with friends, get cozy with your partner, or make memories with your children. They are also one of many ways to extend your patio season while elevating your outdoor living space!


There are so many outdoor fireplace and fire pit ideas that you can try. From incorporating a fully built-in stone fireplace on your deck to portable fire features to in-ground fire pits, you are sure to find a solution that suits your space and style. Don't have a lot of space? You can still incorporate fire features! Opt for a table with a built-in fire feature or use smaller fire features as outdoor décor around your outdoor oasis. You'll feel like you are in a luxury resort or restaurant and forget that you're in your own backyard!


Comfy outdoor lighting and seating


Utilize Backyard Lighting Effectively

Speaking of setting the perfect mood for relaxation, be sure to consider backyard lighting ideas too! You will be amazed by how many ways you can incorporate deck lighting, overhead lighting, and illuminated accessories, and you will love seeing how lighting helps bring all elements of your outdoor oasis together.


Just a few backyard lighting ideas include deck stair lights, railing lights, recessed deck lights, post lights, and wall lights/sconces. For a budget-friendly option, even a simple string of outdoor overhead lights or solar-powered solutions can significantly elevate your space, set the tone of different areas, and increase overall visibility at night.



In conclusion, there are so many different ultimate backyard oasis ideas that you can incorporate into your outdoor living space. Whether you are seeking a quiet and tranquil spot, a lively entertainment space, or a combination of both, you can achieve whichever mood and aesthetic you desire.


Be sure to start with a high-quality deck that will serve as the foundation of your perfect outdoor oasis. If your deck is currently not serving your family's needs or doesn't fit your vision for your oasis, work with a local deck builder near you to complete repairs or design a custom deck that works better for you.


Once you have that solid foundation and attractive focal point in your yard, the sky is the limit! Build quiet retreats, create fully-equipped spaces to cook outdoors, make cozy spots to curl up with loved ones, or set your home up to be the go-to place for a party. What your outdoor oasis looks like is up to you – enjoy it!


Build Your Outdoor Oasis With Decks by Premier!

Is your deck looking worse for wear or no longer meeting your needs? Do you need a new fence to add privacy to your outdoor oasis? Or have you been dreaming of adding an outdoor kitchen or other luxury features to your outdoor living space? Then Decks by Premier is here to help! We love taking on custom projects and making your vision for your perfect space come to life. Your home is our pleasure!


Reach out to us to get started and speak to a sales representative today! We look forward to scheduling a no-obligation, on-site consultation at your convenience. We are proud to have over 90 years of experience serving homeowners in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and surrounding areas, and we would love to work with you too!

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