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Design Ideas for a Great Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen beside pool.



Warm weather is right around the corner, and before we know it summer will be here. It’s time to get ready for barbecues, backyard parties, picnics, and the laughter and joy that comes with the season. Make the most out of your outdoor space and add a kitchen that’s just right for you.


Whether you want to host parties, serve drinks or set up your own grill station, there are countless opportunities to upgrade your backyard to indulge in your culinary and entertainment dreams.



1. Hideaway Kitchen

The hideaway kitchen is the perfect option if you don’t want your outdoor cooking area on display at all times. A kitchen in a box can be tucked away on rainy days and pulled out when you want to use it on nice warm weekends.



2. Party Pavilion

A simple, but impressive wooden pavilion can serve as an outdoor social hub for all of your gathering needs.



3. Pergola Bar

A shaded enhancement to any backyard, a pergola is sure to add some unique character to your space.


Decorate your pergola with string lights and it’ll add romance and coziness to those warm summer nights.



4. Country Patio Kitchen

Bring a rustic country kitchen right into your own backyard.



Rustic outdoor kitchen.


This charming design scheme can work perfectly for outdoor kitchens. Light stone, exposed wood beams, and stacked firewood all add to this well-loved, classic design.



5. Wood-fired Outdoor Pizza Oven 

Pizza night is a popular and beloved family tradition. Now, instead of ordering takeout pizza, you can make and eat it in the comfort of your own backyard.



6. Cozy Outdoor Kitchen

You don’t need a lot of space in order to introduce a kitchen into your backyard.


Install your kitchen elements to one side of your backyard and select a portable, yet functional dining table that can be moved to make more space when needed.



7. Under-awning Dining Area

An under-awning dining area can merge the indoors with the outdoors, providing coverage and protection from the elements while still providing a backyard dining experience for you and your guests.



8. Grill Station

Upgrade the typical backyard grill set-up with some DIY and the right materials. You can build your own grill station with wood and stacked stones.



Grill station outdoors.



9. Chalkboard Backsplash

A simple, freestanding kitchen positioned in front of an eye-catching yet practical chalkboard backsplash is the perfect touch to a backyard kitchen. Ideal for lists and menus, this inexpensive addition is unique but effective.



10. Chiller Trough

No one likes to go in and out to grab more cold drinks. Luckily, there’s a solution with the chiller trough.


Adding an outdoor chiller trough is a great way to keep multiple drinks at the perfect level of cool and it takes away the endless trips indoors during backyard parties.



11. Retractable Canopy

Retractable canopies are a great way to invite some shade and protection from severe weather into your outdoor kitchen.


Enjoy being outside, without having to worry about getting rained on. And choosing a retractable canopy is ideal, as you can control when it’s out.



12. Pool Cabana

If your backyard has a pool, a poolside cabana outfitted with a bar counter and stylish bar stools will elevate any summer party and is sure to be a big people pleaser.



Hot tub and pool beside outdoor kitchen.



13. Refrigerated Drawers

Space efficient and tucked away, refrigerated drawers are both stylish and functional, keeping drinks accessible for summer barbecues.



14. Open Shed

An open shed can be transformed into a modern, efficient outdoor kitchen area.


Not only is it an effective way to provide some shelter from the weather, but the interior can also have a stylish, eyecatching backsplash to add a pop of colour and a dynamic element to an otherwise simple addition.



15. Fenced Kitchen

City and suburban backyards often don’t always offer a lot of privacy from surrounding neighbours where space is also limited. This is where a fenced kitchen could be the solution.


Vertical slated fences can provide a modern, yet effective way to give you privacy without blocking out the outdoors completely.



16. Corrugated Metal Bar

There’s nothing more pleasant than the sound of rain on a tin roof, which is why this inventive, DIY corrugated metal bar is a creative backyard addition.



Outdoor Kitchen Wrap-Up

There are endless options and different ways you can style your outdoor kitchen. Your vision can be brought to life through any of these ideas and will be a great way to upgrade your backyard just in time for summer.




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