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25 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Summer House

Backyard shed



What better place is there to soak up the sun and enjoy beautiful weather than in your own backyard? There are so many ways you can spruce up your yard, but one trend that has been regaining popularity is tiny summer homes.


This involves transforming typical garden sheds into dreamy outdoor escapes. Some people upgrade their sheds or build them completely from scratch. No matter what method you choose to do, summer house renovations can be completely customizable to suit your needs and preferences.


Read the suggestions below to see how you can flip your shed into the perfect backyard summer resort.



1. Indoor-Outdoor Space

A summer home doesn’t have to be restricted to four closed-in walls.


Don’t feel the need to make your house fully enclosed, especially when you want to embrace the beauty of the outdoors. An open structure with light, gauzy curtains and hanging rattan decor exude a bohemian aesthetic. This style is light and breezy, making it ideal for lounging in on a warm, sunny day.



2. Whimsical Shed

If you prefer a natural, ‘unperfect’ look, a whimsical shed might be the ideal choice for you.


Perfected by rich wood textures, unique architecture shapes like curved archways and oval windows, overgrown vines and delicate windchimes, you’ll feel like a resident in a storybook.



3. Coastal Details

Bring the beauty of the coast to your backyard by turning your shed into a cute little beach hut.


Opt for a vibrant pastel colour palette, seaside decor, and classic matching beach chairs. This unique idea will make you feel like your relaxing on the edge of the shore.



4. Cozy Retreat

A cozy retreat is every person’s dream when it comes to visions of their ideal backyard.


Bring this vision to life with your summer house. A string of twinkle lights, a smartly placed fire pit, and comfortable seating will make you and your guests unwilling to leave.



5. Country Cabin

French windows, blue paint, and a darling set of rocking chairs are the perfect combination of elements for a serene country cabin look.


Flank the doorway with matching flowerpots for an extra welcoming entrance.



6. Breezy Cabana

A breezy poolside cabana boasts effortless beachy vibes all summer long.


Calming hues, neutral furnishings, an oversized boho umbrella, and tall potted palm plants are sure to bring you peace. Add a platform for an elevated daybed so you have an extra option for premium relaxation.



7. Stylish Home Bar

Why waste money going out to a bar when you can create one in your own backyard?


Upgrade your crowded drink cart by building a summer house that can accommodate all of your mixologist desires. Double-up your shed as a garden bar with bi-fold windows, a long bar counter and matching stools underneath so you can sit outside and serve drinks to your heart’s content.



8. Rustic Cottage

Rustic design blends well with nature, feels exceptionally cozy, and carries unique charm along with it.


Various wood tones and a wrap-around porch make this cottage-core design warm and inviting.



9. Industrial Ingenuity

Contemporary and distinctly different, an industrial summer house made from corrugated metal walls utilizes unusual materials in an effective way.


Soften up the look with a wooden patio and added greenery along the edges.



10. Classic Greenhouse

Greenhouses are timeless, functional, and can be multi-purpose backyard havens.



Greenhouse in backyard


Craft your greenhouse with a glass sunroof and plenty of windows to let the sunshine pour in. After you include the plants of your choice, add a hanging egg chair, and kick back with your plants.



11. Fairytale Chic

For this style, the more pendant lights and LED candles the better.


Natural wood, simple decor and dreamy lighting are what elevate this choice into an ideal spot to relax with a book or enjoy a glass of wine with a loved one.



12. Woodsy Treehouse

Bring every kid’s dream into your own backyard with a few upgrades.


If you’re fortunate to be surrounded by trees and greenery, use this to your advantage and integrate your treehouse into the scenery. A charming arched window above the door adds just the right touch.



13. Garden Escape

Make your summer house feel like an extension of your garden by seamlessly connecting the two together.


A simple colour scheme with an uncluttered look and a gravel path that runs from the doorway through the garden is a perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space.



14. Guest Bedroom

Expand the potential of your home’s floor plan by turning your backyard shed into a guest house.


If you’re short on space but have frequent visitors, this is an ingenious way to make the most out of your space. The ideal guest bedroom can be created with dreamy dark panelling, vintage furniture pieces, and low lighting. Including an area rug and cozy blankets add a sense of welcoming softness.



15. Home Office

Transforming your shed into a home office is a great option if you want to work from home, but feel like you’re working somewhere else.


Create your ideal work atmosphere with all of the elements that make you productive and feel at peace. A large window and bi-fold doors to let the sunshine and fresh air flow in, and a comfortable workspace will make your weekly meetings and projects far more enjoyable.



16. Social Hub

If you enjoy entertaining, then your shed might be the perfect opportunity for a makeshift social hub.


Similar to a backyard bar, allow this summer house option to be an inviting spot for multiple guests. Large windows, a raised deck with amenities like a fire pit and comfortable seating will encourage people to sit back and relax whenever they visit.



17. Charming Kitchenette

For passionate foodies, a charming kitchenette is a great idea, especially when it’s backyard barbecue season.


Include a functional countertop, tiled backsplash, and sink for a useful food prep station. Of course, make sure your grill is also nearby.



18. Glass Roof

A glass roof is a beautiful touch that can elevate the most simple summer house into the most delightful escape.


Whether it’s sunny or rainy, sitting in a backyard home with a glass roof is sure to bring you joy every time you step through the door.



19. Traditional White

Traditional white painted wood with matching neutral colour palettes work well for a reason.


They’re easily adaptable and are a timeless pick that transitions well as other trends come and go. If you ever want to add pops of colour, you can do so by incorporating coordinating furniture and textiles.



20. Pergola Attachment

Take your shed renovations one step further by adding on a charming pergola that’s perfect when you want to go from the indoors to the outdoors but still receive protection from the sun.



Pergola attached to house


21. Patio Paradise

A summer house with a connected patio effortlessly completes your design.


You can sit outside on your attached patio when the weather permits it and go back in whenever you please.


22. Barbiecore Dreamhouse

Barbiecore is an incredibly popular trend that is taking the design world by storm. If you really want to make a statement, turn your summer home into a Barbiecore dreamhouse.


Go bold by choosing a pink palette, matching furniture, and adorning flamingo lawn ornaments. Don’t be afraid to go all-out and make a statement with this choice and flaunt what Barbie would be proud of.



23. Classic Farmhouse

If you’re a fan of the farmhouse aesthetic, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to apply it to your backyard summer house.


Washed-out neutrals with natural wood elements and a charming welcome sign

will complete this style exceptionally well.



24. Eclectic Shed

Use your summer house as a chance to reflect your personality and what you really enjoy.


Mix and match patterns, hang up your favourite art, and don’t be afraid to make your shed stand as a testament to your unique tastes.



25. Little Library

If you’re a bookworm who doesn’t seem to have space for any more books, then it might be time to convert your garden shed into your own personal library.


Include personalized bookshelves that wrap around the interior, soft lighting that isn’t too harsh, and a comfortable armchair so you can get lost in your bookish paradise for hours on end.




Hopefully, these ideas gave you the inspiration and push you needed to start transforming your boring garden shed into a personalized summer house.


Your backyard will become so much more inviting and relaxing because of it, so don’t delay, start renovating today!




Paul Hickman at 9:00 AM
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