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Deck Lighting Packages

Enjoy longer summer nights on your deck with a deck lighting package. 


Deck lighting creates an inviting ambience and sets the tone for outdoor gatherings while enhancing your backyard. Along with aesthetically enhancing your deck’s look, deck lighting also provides a safer environment by illuminating stairs, risers, and pathways.



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Proper outdoor lighting can take your backyard oasis from dark and dingy to warm and inviting.


Adding lights to your deck and outdoor structures will let you entertain guests and make use of your backyard longer into the night.

Backyard deck step lighting



Modern lighting systems are very energy efficient, and you can control the colours and brightness of the lights. New lighting can be installed very cleanly, you won’t see any unsightly wires and the new systems are essentially waterproof and require very little maintenance.


Premier offers several different lighting solutions for your project.





Landscape Lighting


Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a wonderful way to increase visibility and safety while also adding subtle touches of light around your yard. Attached to walls or posts, they can be used to illuminate transition points or even highlight stonework or pathways.

Above Deck Spotlights

Installed above the deck boards, these barely noticeable spotlights let you highlight important features of your design. Light up your waterfall or your beautiful wall of climbing flowers, there really isn’t any limit to how you can use these spotlights. Even just up lighting a large tree can create amazing shadows and add dramatic flair to your view.

Landscape Lighting

Installed as part of the hardscape or nestled into the softscape (plants and vegetation), landscape lighting allows you to draw attention to the plants in your design. By using lights to highlight specific areas of the soft scaping, you can create visual interest and depth to your yard, making it feel larger or cozier as needed. For example, shine a spotlight on an old willow tree as it sways gently in the breeze, or light up a trellis covered in aromatic flowers to add a pop of colour to your yard at night.

Deck Lighting


Deck Stair Lighting

Also known as Deck Riser Lighting, is lighting installed in the stair risers on your deck. Lighting your steps is a great way to subtly add ambience to your design while also increasing safety. There are a lot of different styles of deck stair lighting available. Speak with our designer to discuss the options available for your project.

Under-Counter Deck Lighting

Premier can help you design your dream outdoor kitchen. Unleash that inner with a beautifully appointed, full outdoor kitchen for entertaining. We can add under-counter lighting around your kitchen counters to add a charming glow to the stonework and make it safer to walk around.

Recessed Soffit Lighting

Adding soffit lighting to your yard is an easy choice if you have any overhanging roofing or an outdoor structure like a pavilion. The small, unobtrusive soffit lighting will be barely noticeable during the day, but at night can help light up walls and display their beautiful wood and stone textures.

Any entertainment area covered with a roof should have some sort of lighting so that you can use it during the late evening. You can also look at our Under Roof Lighting or Hanging String Lighting as alternative options.

Deck Post Cap Lights

We know what you’re thinking. The first things that comes to mind are those faded brown plastic post light with yellowing plastic lenses you’ve seen on old desks. But things have changed a lot with the addition of LED lighting in deck design. Modern deck post cap lights come in dozens of different shapes, colours, and designs.

They offer a soft, subtle glow to your deck and when paired with Under Rail Deck lighting can really help to show off, your beautiful new custom designer Premier deck.

In-Floor Deck Lighting

Modern advances in LED lighting have also changed the world of in-floor deck lighting. New designs are very subtle, clean, and almost completely weatherproof. The real beauty of in-floor lighting is that is can be low key, with a soft glow along the floorboards, or used to up light and highlight key design features on your deck.

Under Roof Lighting

If you have a gazebo, a pavilion, a cabana, or any other outdoor structure with a roof, then under roof lighting is also an easy choice. Just like indoor lighting, hanging from a ceiling in your home, under roof lighting comes in hundreds of styles and designs.

Pop a ceiling fan at the top of your pavilion to add light but also add a cooling breeze to your seating area. Pendant lights, chandeliers, festoon lights, string lights, and even hanging paper lanterns are all viable choices for lighting up your outdoor structures.


With so many options available to you, it really helps to sit down for a free, no-obligation conversation with a Premier designer who can guide you through the process.