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Multi-level deck ideas for 2023

Multilevel deck with French doors leading up to a farmhouse exterior


Before you think about decking the halls for the holidays, think about building a deck you can use leading up to the festive season — or even during it.


Decks are a major investment, and deck design trends for 2023 are to go big with multi-level decks.


Not sure where to begin? Here are our top multi-level deck ideas for this year!


Curved, multi-level deck

Who says you can’t be creative when building decks? Instead of building a square or rectangular deck, think curves in your backyard. A curved, multi-level deck adds a different dimension and blends very well into the landscape.


To give it a focal point, you can add a hot tub or fire pit (check code requirements and materials manufacturer’s guidelines). Surround it with a flowing seating area for yourself and your guests. When building this kind of deck, you can consider natural wood, with built-in benches along the sides or you can mix other materials for a contemporary look.


Curved, multi-level decks allow for a natural fusion with surrounding landscaping. In fact, you can enhance it with planters for additional deck beauty.


Combined patio and custom deck design

The deck is a natural extension of the beautiful outdoor living area that connects with your kitchen or dining room or even bedroom. A combo patio restyle and multi-level deck design will help increase space in a multimodal way. The wooden deck can easily flow into a traditional stone finish patio. The patio can lead to a lush green garden with vegetables, plants, or hanging baskets.


Outdoor kitchen, BBQ and entertainment area


Multi-level deck with outdoor kitchen design ideas

Decks are great for having dinner parties and spending time barbecuing for yourself and your loved ones. If you want to go one step further, you can include an outdoor kitchen in this outdoor living space and take your entertainment to the next level.


Multi-level deck design with pool

Ever wonder why the pool and deck can’t be one? Well, they can. Combining these two popular property features can hugely affect the usage and enjoyment factors. You can use the pool as the center for your multi-level deck area, and add as many layers to the deck around it as you want to, using the space for seating, dining, and play, to create an at-home vacation experience for all.


Work in an elevated deck level above the pool level for when you want to enjoy the water from a distance and get away from the noise.


Two-level deck and patio with infinity pool

First you thought pool…now think infinity pool…with a cascading waterfall. Your backyard just became your personal tranquil spa spot, and the envy of your neighbours. This design will give the feel of being on a resort overlooking greenery or the ocean or a lake. The borders and the accents on this type of multi-level deck should be simple so they don’t take away from the awe the pool creates.


Luxurious deck with a pool


Multi-level deck with a lookout point

This is a great option for sloping properties. Balcony views are good, but the view from a multi-level lookout deck is awesome. The balcony won’t be wasted; it can easily be integrated into this design for that extra outdoor space.


Multi-level deck for sloping yards

Three or four levels of decking work really well for sloped yards, too. This type of deck works well for small spaces that can only go vertical instead of horizontal. You can designate each level as a different entertainment space, such as a dining area, a cooking area, a play area, and even a pool area.


Small multi-level deck ideas

The great thing about a multi-level deck is that the size of the property doesn’t prevent you from having one. Building on multiple levels uses a small amount of square foot space, giving the impression of having a large area.


But if you do have a large backyard, spread the love with a lavish, multi-level deck that uses space smartly to create extensive design and utility.


Multi-level deck accessories

The multi-level deck fun doesn’t just end after you’ve had one built. The right accessories help achieve the look and feel of the perfect deck.


Sitting area with canopy in a large deck


Elaborately exotic deck design

The best thing about decks is that you can go all out exotic with not only the design but also the accessories for it. Multi-coloured cushions, mirrors, lanterns, and zen corners are wonderful additions to the deck’s design that don’t require a lot of effort but help make great deck atmosphere.


Simply elegant

The minimalist design approach is among the top deck design trends for 2023. Keeping it minimal doesn’t mean making it plain and boring, in fact, if done correctly, it can be very sophisticated and elegant. For example, built-in furniture that matches the floor and presents a chalet look can be both simple yet classy.


Decking materials for 2023

The type of building material you choose can add a sense of style to the deck. Composite is increasingly becoming a popular multi-level deck building material not only because of its low maintenance and durability, but also stylishness and versatility.


The beauty of having large multi-level decks is that you can use different complementary materials at each level. For instance, you can pair composite decking with a metal railing or a wooden pergola on one level and use real wood with glass railing on the next. For a slightly less expensive option, you can pair composite with an aluminum railing.


Remember, you can always add stone as a natural accent to any type of multi-level deck to give it a refined look.


Deck furniture trends for 2023

A multi-level deck with built-in seating and storage not only makes the deck more functional but also stylish. Planters above benches can also give the deck a greener look.


Deck lighting trends for 2023

Adding stylish lighting is one of the simplest ways of creating a beautiful ambiance for the deck. Sustainable lighting options can be incorporated right into the railing, seating, steps, and even the walls that surround the deck. For that extra exquisite touch, add string lights or lantern lights to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.


Deck stair trends for 2023

Stairs can add a wow factor to the whole deck setting. Go grand and big for luxury with wider stairs built for a custom look.


Expansive stairs also have functional benefits — they make transporting large items up and down a deck more manageable. Larger staircases can also improve safety and the flow from the deck to the backyard. And for multi-level decks in large spaces, you can add multiple staircases, too.


Natural elements and curves

As climate awareness increases, eco-friendly multi-level deck ideas are catching on. This is a way for you to increase fusion with nature. Eco-friendly options include using sustainable building material, like wood or stone, or incorporating plants and water features.


You can add a pergola for creating a shaded corner or a fire pit on one level around which people can warm up in the evening, after spending the day in the infinity pool. Stair railings make perfect spaces for vertical vegetation, which could have both flowers and vegetables that could supply food for your outdoor kitchen.


Cable railing with decking

In keeping with contemporary multi-level deck ideas, cable railing is one of the most popular options right now. It ticks multiple design features: it’s minimalist and offers a clean appearance. It also works really well if you’re looking to preserve views from your deck. It’s strong and sturdy and can’t be beat for quality or functionality. Because railings are versatile, you can pair them with simple aluminum handrails, too.


Deck rugs

Rugs can give a cozy and warm feeling to any deck area, and they absorb heat on really sunny days. They’re soft and gentle on the feet so kids and older people don’t have to worry about harming their feet walking on hard materials. There are a few caveats to using rugs on decks though. You have to be very vigilant and put them away if the weather becomes wet. And PVC decking board manufacturers typically discourage the use of rugs that have a rubber underside, so check with the manufacturer first.


Cozy outdoor deck firepit


Deck firepits

Firepits fueled by natural gas or propane are common on decks and safer than wood burning firepits. But clear this deck accessory with your local bylaws and home insurance company first so there aren’t issues later. You will also want to check with the decking manufacturer to see how firepits affect the warranty of the building material.


Building safely

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to check multi-level deck building codes carefully so you’re following deck safety guidelines properly. Most building codes include deck railing rules that stipulate a railing at least 36 inches high surrounding decking built more than 30 inches off the ground. Nonetheless, you can turn your deck railing into a style feature or adorn your multi-level deck with a glass railing for unobstructed views.

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