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8 Waterfall Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard Pool

Pool with luxury features.



If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, consider upgrading it with a waterfall just in time for summer. Learn more about pool waterfall varieties and styles below.



What are the Types of Pool Waterfalls?

There are a variety of pool waterfalls to choose from. What sets each type of waterfall apart is how the water appears and cascades.


For example, some fall in a relaxed, gentle way, others in a sheet, or over a ledge. Varieties include rock waterfalls, rain waterfalls, cascade waterfalls, curtain waterfalls, and water walls.



How can Waterfalls Benefit Pools?

Along with being aesthetically pleasing, pool waterfalls can also help improve water filtration.


The continuous movement prevents sediments from settling into the foundation, and creates purifying negative ions that help purify the pool and precent algae from forming. As well, pool waterfalls provide white noise, adding to their relaxing appeal.



Here are Some Pool Waterfall Examples to Consider:



1. Waterfall Trio

Why only have one waterfall when you could have three? When looking at design, odd numbers of things are typically more pleasing to the eye than even.


Having three waterfalls flowing into a pool from a raised wall certainly makes a statement. Add a potted plant positioned above each waterfall point to draw attention up, and to add additional colour and form.



2. Grotto Entrance

Grottos are an incredibly fun feature to add to a typical backyard pool. They give off an air of adventure–journeying through a wall of falling water to reach a nook on the other side.


If you want to continue upping the impressiveness of this display, dot fire bowls around the pool nearby. Before you know it, you’ll be transported into your own jungle paradise.



3. Merged Hot Tub and Pool

Merging a hot tub and pool together is a great way to ensure easy access from one spot to the other. Adding a waterfall in-between is an excellent and seamless way to connect the two together.



Luxury pool with hot tub waterfall into pool.


Include a lowered lip on one edge, and you have an elegant spillway that separates your hot tub and pool, creating a soothing atmosphere reminiscent of a spa setting.



4. Natural Inspiration

Take your pool back to nature with a rock-style waterfall.


Choose an organic, natural shaped pool with plants along the edges and pool lights to enhance the look of your impressive set-up even after the sun sets.



5. Raised Planter Waterfall

Combining functionality with a visually pleasing design, a raised planter waterfall is certain to catch the attention of any visitor.


Attract pollinators with bee-friendly plants, and add a pop of colour to your poolside with this innovative design.



6. Rock Waterfall Slide

This pool feature is a family-friendly option that can still fit with your backyard design scheme.


Rustic visual elements work seamlessly with surrounding rock details, and the water cascading down the raised slide doubles as both a waterfall and slide for kids to enjoy as well.



7. Contemporary Design

Waterfalls can be simple and contemporary depending on your personal preferences.



Luxury pool with waterfalls.


Consider adding three scuppers protruding from a raised, mosaic wall as a statement to an otherwise minimalistic pool. The height serves as a distinctive focal point that also serves as a privacy wall. 



8. Streamlined Style

Pool waterfalls don’t have to be over-the-top in order to be appealing and functional.


Consider a sleek metal style that’s a popular option for simple pools.




There are so many potential options to consider when adding a waterfall to your backyard swimming pool. Look to these choices when selecting your perfect waterfall feature–you won’t regret the benefits it brings to your pool maintenance and sense of relaxation.




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