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20 Pass-Through Kitchen Window Ideas for Your Deck

Open concept kitchen to outdoor area



Pass-through windows that transition from a kitchen to a deck or outdoor space are convenient home add-ons that are quickly becoming popular. Not only are they useful for efficiently passing food and drinks back and forth from the inside to the outside, but they can also look incredibly stylish and trendy.


If you’re thinking about including a pass-through window in a home reno, check out the ideas below for inspiration.



1. Functional Bar

A pass-through window can not only serve an outdoor dining area well with its functionality but also provide the perfect space for an outside bar.


Extend a countertop made from the material of your choosing so it sits over the lip of the window ledge and can be used to serve drinks, with a window that can be propped open with enough space to fit people leaning in and out of it. Arrange bar stools below the counter so people can sit and enjoy their drinks, and there you have it–your very own backyard bar.



2. Flip-Top Table

If you don’t want a permanently-raised table beneath your pass-through window, consider a flip-top table.


A flip-top table is attached beneath the window on hinges, so it can be raised and lowered whenever you want to use it or have it tucked away against the wall.



3. Concession Window

An out-swing awning window, also referred to as a concession window, is a classic look that’s commonly equipped with pneumatic supporting arms.


These windows open up to roughly 90 degrees and have the additional benefit of providing rain protection when necessary.



4. Accordion

A window that folds and stacks to one side like an accordion is a popular pick for an unobstructed view of your backyard and deck.


Position a simple white countertop underneath with matching metal stools, and you’ll be left with a look that’s uncomplicated but timeless.



5. Sliding Window

Sliding window pass-throughs are perfect when you don’t always want a window to be open fully all the way, and you can control the amount that it stays ajar.


Multi-slide options work by having three or more panels that slide, tuck into a wall pocket or stack on top of each other.



6. Pantry Window

Although the traditional pass-through window is typically through a kitchen, people have gotten creative with where they station them in their houses.



Pantry window opening to outdoor kitchen


Sometimes, the kitchen simply isn’t a practical spot to put a pass-through. In this case, homeowners have installed a pass-through window with a matching ledge and stools at their pantry, which works just as well.



7. Screened Porch

Instead of having your pass-through window open up directly into the outside, there are designs that lead into a screened porch instead.


This can be a more practical option to provide protection from the elements and is a seamless transition between two spaces.



8. Floating counter

A floating counter underneath a concession window with a set of vibrant matching chairs is simple, but oh-so-effective in terms of drawing your eye to the well-thought-out design.


Sometimes less really is more, and this pass-through window style is just the right example of that.



9. Waterfall Table

Waterfall tables provide a structured, sleek look to any room or location.


Include a well-built waterfall table along the ledge of your pass-through window as a functional statement piece, and line it with small stools or chairs. You will be able to use the table as an added dining spot and chat with guests and family as you prepare meals in the kitchen.

As well, it can even serve as a spot to have your morning coffee or get your work done when you want to enjoy the nice weather.



10. Rustic Charm

If you prefer a rustic, farmhouse aesthetic, incorporate a natural-stained countertop and base that flows seamlessly into an outdoor kitchen.



11. Built-In Cabinetry

This choice is both practical and unique while remaining understated.


Having built-in cabinets beneath the awning of your pass-through window is a subtle way to maximize the space you have while preventing an area from looking cluttered.



12. Full-View

While some pass-through options are the size of typical windows, other, more modern designs boast a wide, open space that connects the kitchen to the backyard.



Full open concept outdoor kitchen to indoor


The full view of the backyard from the kitchen (and vice-versa) is an impressive touch that certainly makes a statement–especially if you want to showcase your home design skills for both the inside and outside and have them on display.



13. Connecting Countertop

Connect your kitchen and outdoor deck with a sliding window, simple countertop, and bar stools that add a pop of natural colour.



14. Flush Countertop and Sill

A flush countertop and sill that transitions from your kitchen out to your deck is a sleek, modern design that’s useful if you want to slide trays of food or drinks back and forth without any obstructions.


Just keep in mind though, that it’s very important to have proper weather stripping on the spot where the sash meets the countertop for a tight seal.



15. Double-Duty

A window that has a deep enough frame can work double-duty on both the practicality and design fronts.


It can stand as a statement piece design-wise on its own and as a ledge for serving up food and drinks.



16. Pool Cabana

If you have a pool cabana, incorporating a pass-through window can be an excellent way to enhance that space and make it ideal for indoor-outdoor entertaining.


Think about including a bifold pass-through window with a coordinating bifold door. Group matching stools under the window for guests to grab drinks as they go in and out of the pool.



17. Out-Swing Window

A pass-through window setup doesn’t need to be elaborate in order to be attractive and useful.


An out-swing casement window with a simple but stylish sturdy wooden ledge below is a great combination of natural elements.



18. Pool Wet Bar

Another pool-inspired pass-through window idea that makes the most out of the space you have.


A narrow section of your pool deck and cabana can be transformed with a slide-fold window and a ledge to become a reasonably-sized pool-side wet bar.



19. Pendant Lights

To add some extra light and illuminate the outside of your pass-through window, install pendant lights on either side.


There are a variety of styles you can choose from that would be able to fit with your design taste, from farmhouse to industrial.



20. Two Windows

Sometimes one pass-through window simply isn’t enough.


If your house can accommodate it, consider adding two pass-through windows–either connecting or separate–that lead to your backyard.




Use these ideas to help you decide what your pass-through to look like. No matter what pass-through window design you end up choosing, you’re sure to impress your guests with this creative and practical addition to your home.




Paul Hickman at 9:00 AM
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