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The Best Smokeless Fire Pits

Man warming hands next to a fire.



Fire pits are a classic backyard staple for the summer – but now they’ve been revamped engineered to be better than ever before.


Smokeless fire pits offer the same aesthetic and comfort appeal as their counterparts, just without the annoying and often overwhelming smoke. 



Things to Consider

Before purchasing a smokeless fire pit, there are some things to consider. No fire pits are completely smokeless, but they’re very, very close. They’re much less messy and produce less ash than traditional fire pits. They’re efficient and generate a high amount of heat.


Look at the space you have available. Not all smokeless fire pits are intended to be used on decks and grass. To be on the safe side, invest in a heat shield or fire pit mat to catch any burning embers and be mindful and aware of the surroundings around the fire pit. Make sure you also look in your area’s guidelines and regulations about open fires as well.


Get the same warmth, cosiness, and ambience with these backyard-friendly smokeless fire pit options below.



Best Overall

Across the board, the best overall smokeless wood fire pit according to customer and product reviews is the Solo Stove Bonfire Yukon.


This option has a higher price tag for a reason. It offers three sizes, remains smoke-free regardless of the quality of wood that’s used, and has an effective airflow design that removes the need for continuous log-turning or adjusting, efficient burn.



Best Value

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly fire pit choice, the Peak Patio Smokeless Fire Pit is ideal for you.


Described as having an efficient design and heavy-duty steel, you won’t have to break the bank in order to find a high-quality fire pit.



Best Space Saver

If you have a smaller backyard and don’t have the option to set aside a large amount of space for a fire pit, but still really want a scaled-down alternative, then the Flame Genie is for you.



Small gas fire pit.


It’s ideal for patio use and boasts a lightweight design with minimal ash cleanup.



Best for Camping

You’ll be able to find the best travel companion for all of your camping trips with the Solo Stove Ranger.


Made from durable stainless steel that’s still lightweight, portable, and produces low smoke.



Best Fire Pit for Backyard Grilling

If you love to cook, then the Breeo X SERIES 24 Smokeless Fire Pit is the perfect fit for you.


Adding some accessories like the wide SearPlate rim and cast iron pot will truly enhance the experience of cooking over an open flame.



The Best Fire Pit Accessory Options 

There are countless accessories available for fire pits that range from cooking utensils to protective items and equipment.



Smores kit next to a small gas fire pit.


Here are some ideas to accessorize your smokeless fire pit and expand its possibilities:

  • Marshmallow roasting sticks 
  • Fire pit poker
  • Fireside firewood holder
  • Spark screen
  • Cast iron skillet
  • Tiki torches
  • BBQ grill gloves
  • Campfire popcorn maker
  • Fire pit mat
  • First aid kit
  • Moisture meter for firewood


The Best Firewood for Your Fire Pit

Well-seasoned oak is the best firewood to burn in your fire pit. Test your wood with a moisture meter to see that it’s dry enough to use.


Make sure to avoid “man-made” woods like plywood and pallet wood. Both of these options include potential chemicals and glue that are released into the air when burned. Use wood that’s intended for burning.


And there you have it! Introduce one of these smokeless fire pits into your backyard this summer and enjoy roasting marshmallows and making memories.




Paul Hickman at 9:00 AM
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