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Outdoor Updates That Add Value to Your Home

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It is no secret that curb appeal and the overall impression of your home make a big difference in property value, but have you ever wondered which outdoor and landscaping features increase the value of your home the most? We’ve got you covered!


Whether you are planning to sell your house soon or simply want to make investments in your property that will pay off in the future, you’ll love our list of the top ways to increase property value with outdoor upgrades below!



Creating Comfortable Outdoor Living Spaces

First and foremost, one of the most effective ways to increase your property value now is to ensure you create a comfortable outdoor living space.


In recent years, most people have started spending more time at home than ever before for work, school, rest, and entertainment. For these reasons, outdoor living spaces are becoming top “must haves” for many home buyers, and simply adding a patio set to your lawn doesn’t always cut it in this category anymore.


Today's trends indicate buyers seek functional spaces to unwind after a long day, enjoy being outside, cook, dine, spend time with their partner, and host friends and family. Many also seek multi-season outdoor spaces with a modern look and amenities to match. Therefore, planning to make investments in outdoor upgrades is a great way to start increasing your property value!


Some outdoor upgrades you can consider are adding or upgrading your deck or patio, creating an all-season space, building an outdoor kitchen, adding deck lighting, and installing a firepit. We explain each of these below.



Building or Upgrading Your Deck or Patio

Investing in a functional deck or patio with quality materials is an easy way to increase outdoor living space for your family or prospective buyers.


A well-maintained deck is a top feature that buyers look for when shopping for a new home, so it is worth the investment if your deck is currently showing wear, looks dated, does not match the current style of your home, or has an awkward size or layout.


Even something as simple as re-staining your deck or modernizing your railings can go a long way for making your home as attractive to buyers as possible. However, if you are willing to take on more robust projects, consider increasing the size of your deck if needed to increase outdoor living space or to correct any layout issues.



Creating an All-Seasons Deck or Patio

In addition to ensuring you have a functional and aesthetic deck or patio, you should also seek ways to make your outdoor living space more suitable for all seasons.





With our long winters in Canada, potential home buyers are always looking for ways to extend their enjoyment of outdoor spaces in spring and fall, which is much easier than you think!


For example, if you do not already have a covered deck, consider working with a deck contractor near you to build a roof or pergola that will add protection from the rain. Alternatively, you can also purchase a canopy to help provide shelter from the elements. If your budget is limited, something as simple as a windbreak wall or an outdoor heater makes a difference. 


Take a look at our other blog post on 9 Ways to Extend Patio Season for other ways to create an all-season outdoor living space!



Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are another feature of homes that are becoming highly valuable investments that increase property value.


The best part about outdoor kitchens is that you can cater them to your space and budget. They do not need to be robust and can be simple if you are limited in space. However, they make a huge impact on potential buyers – particularly those seeking highly functional, multi-use, all-season outdoor living spaces where they can cook, dine, and entertain!


To learn more about outdoor kitchens, read our other blog post on the

Elements of an Outdoor Kitchen!



Adding Deck Lighting

If you are planning to build or upgrade your deck, we highly recommend you also plan to incorporate deck lighting.


Deck lighting can be very easy to install and can completely elevate every outdoor living space, sometimes with a minimal investment. In fact, it is one of the easiest and most economical ways to add value to your home with outdoor upgrades – especially if you opt for easy-to-install solar solutions. Some are even DIY-friendly!


If you are interested in learning more, we have another post dedicated to Types of Deck Lighting! Need some inspiration? Check out our post with 22 Deck Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Backyard This Summer!



Installing a Firepit

Installing a firepit is another lower-cost way to increase the value of your property and create cozy, multi-purpose outdoor living spaces.


Firepits are perfect places to unwind, make family memories, cook, and spend time with guests. They are also typically a valued feature by buyers who enjoy spending time outdoors.


Like deck lighting, firepits do not need to be a big budget item or have a robust design, so opt for a functional and attractive style, and you are sure to add value to your outdoor living space in the eye of potential buyers! For added appeal, place some outdoor chairs around the fire pit and string a set of outdoor lights above the space to set the tone and showcase some possibilities for this area on your property! 



Keeping a Well-Manicured Property

Next on our list of upgrades that increase property value is to consider the overall look of your outdoor spaces.


From the appearance of your lawn to the tidiness of your gardens, looks matter when it comes to home value and reducing time on the market. That is why so many people invest in lawn maintenance, garden design and management, and tree and shrub pruning – especially before listing their homes for sale. On a related note, irrigation systems that are properly installed can also be a big value-add because they help keep everything looking fresh while limiting an aspect of upkeep for your buyer!



Giving Your Entryway a Facelift

Front entrances play a significant role in the overall curb appeal of your home, so if your entryway looks dated, bland, mismatched, or uninviting, consider giving it a facelift!



Beautiful entryway porch


When evaluating the current appeal of your entry space, look at your walkway, steps, front deck, and door. Pay attention to the details and take time to think about which improvements would elevate the front of your home.


For example, re-level your patio stones, paint your entry door, build a front porch, or make your existing front deck into a covered entryway to really help your home stand out in a crowd!



Increasing Privacy

Privacy is another important factor for many home buyers because they want their property to be a quiet place to relax, unwind, and recharge away from many of the demands of life.


For this reason, if your property is currently lacking privacy, consider how you can use trees, shrubs, or fencing to block the view of neighbouring yards or buildings.


Fencing also helps increase your property's security and is a huge bonus for potential buyers with pets and children.  




In conclusion, there are many ways you can increase your property value with landscaping and outdoor improvements. These include creating comfortable outdoor living spaces, keeping a well-manicured property, giving your entryway a facelift, and increasing privacy.


Outdoor living space upgrades can include small to large investments such as adding deck lighting, installing a firepit, building an outdoor kitchen, adding a roof or canopy, or completely changing the size, layout, and finishes.

Don’t forget that first impressions matter, so investing in lawn care, garden maintenance, tree, and shrub pruning, and landscape design can make a big difference now or when you are ready to sell.


The look and functionality of your front walkway, steps, porch, and entryway should also be considered when evaluating which outdoor projects will elevate your property and make it more attractive to buyers.


Finally, plan to increase privacy in outdoor living spaces to create a quiet oasis and protect children and pets from traffic.


If you are unsure where to start, contact your local deck and fence builder who can visit your property and provide suggestions on getting the biggest return on your investments.



Elevate Your Outdoor Living Spaces with A Premier Deck and Fence

Premier Fencing has been proudly serving Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and surrounding areas for over 90 years, and we would love to help you add value to your home!


Whether you would like to build a new deck, upgrade an existing one, or increase privacy with a fence, our professional deck and fence builders are here to help!


Reach out to us to speak to one of our sales representatives today. We can also schedule a no-obligation, on-site consultation to get your deck or fence project process started!





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