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28 Autumn Backyard Decor Ideas Worth Falling For

Fall themed front porch



Fall is quickly approaching. Soon the days will become cooler and shorter, and the leaves will be turning different colours. To get into the spirit of this festive season and give your home some visible spirt and character, think about how you’d like to decorate for the autumn months.


Look at the ideas below to see how you can incorporate outdoor fall decor into your home this year.



1. Autumnal Wreath

Wreaths are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to basically any occasion–and they don’t only have to go on your front door.


Consider coordinating wreaths on your front and back doors. The styles you can choose from are pretty much endless, which makes choosing (or making!) your wreath all the more fun.

Autumnal wreath options can incorporate straw, multicoloured leaves, flowers, small pumpkins, corn, and much more. It’s up to you how elaborate you want your wreath to be. It can have as many or few fall-themed elements as you prefer and base the rest of your decorating around the colours in your wreath.



2. Pumpkins, Gourds, and Squash

Pumpkins, gourds, and squash are popular fall decorations for a reason.


You can style them in a number of ways and they come in countless varieties. Along with the well-loved classic orange pumpkin, there are so many different colours and shapes to choose from.

For a more modern fall display, muted pumpkin colours like pale blue, green, and pink can be considered. No matter what colours you pick to fit your fall decor, they can be stacked, grouped together, or arranged along deck and porch steps.



3. Barrel Planters

Barrel planters subtly tie-in an autumn theme.


Place your fall flowers into barrels on either side of your door, around your deck or porch, or in your backyard. Consider tying burlap bows around the rims for an added fall touch.



4. Hay Bales

Hay bales are the perfect fall decoration.


They’re simple and buildable if you want to add more decor to them, and they can also double as added outdoor seating.



5. Marquee Sign

Light-up marquee signs are unique and incorporate a subtle glow to your autumn display.



6. Fall Wheelbarrow

Although it might not seem like much to start with, use a wheelbarrow to your advantage.


You can fill it with pumpkins, gourds, twigs, leaves, dried branches with berries, corn, and potted flowers, depending on the size.



7. Hand-Painted Sign

Hand-painted signs have become popular outdoor decor pieces.



Fall themed backyard tent with hand painted signs


You can customize them to fit whatever occasion or season you want. Find options with cutesy fall sayings, or keep it simple with a rustic welcome sign.



8. Scarecrows

You can buy or choose to make your own scarecrow with a few simple materials.


A charming fall decoration, scarecrows are a beloved fall staple that will add cheer to any backyard.



9. Cornstalk Pillars

Arrange cornstalks on either side of a door, the corners of your deck, along your fence, or tied to the sides of a pergola.



10. Autumn Cart

A decorative cart is the perfect fall centerpiece for your garden.


Stacked with pumpkins and potted mums, it’s the perfect autumn display.



11. Harvest Decor

Fall brings the time of harvest and Thanksgiving. If the weather permits, consider arranging a harvest-themed outdoor dining space.


Incorporate warm pendant lights, a deep-toned table cloth, and a cornucopia centerpiece with with small pumpkins and gourds. As well, you can consider more modern options for centerpieces that include elegant treebranches with hanging acorns.



12. Fall Flowers

Transform your space into the ideal fall garden by planting flowers that will thrive in the autumn months.


Perhaps the most quintessential fall flower of them all, chrysanthemums are commonly sold in pots and can be maintained by keeping them in bright, indirect light, watering consistently, and cutting off wilted buds.

Other autumn favourites include dahlias, cornflowers, pansies, sunflowers, cosmos, turtleheads, and asters. These florals add beautiful fall tones to your yard and you’ll be able to extend the enjoyment of your garden all autumn long. 



13. Lanterns

Scatter lanterns filled with wax-burning or LED candles and dried nuts and seeds along your deck for an atmospheric, seasonal touch.


Nothing says fall like flickering lanterns during a cool autumn night.



14. Planters

Use the horn of plenty for inspiration and elevate your planters to suit the fall season.



Fall harvest backets for decor


Get tall wicker baskets to use as planters, fill them with bright, autumnal-hued plants and flowers like mums, cabbage, ornamental grass and juniper.



15. Cozy Touches

One of the main things that comes to mind when people think about fall is the coziness that’s often associated with this season.


Implement cozy touches into your outdoor space through warm lights, buffalo check print, chunky knit blankets, outdoor cushions and pillows, and draped textiles.

Organize comfortable seating around your fire pit with these elements so you can curl up in front of a crackling fire and enjoy the cool autumn nights.



16. Sunflower Centerpiece

Sunflowers are the perfect fall flower with their bright yellow petals.


They add beautiful seasonal warmth to any space, and can work wonders at livening up your table settings and centerpieces. Place a fresh cut bouquet of sunflowers into a vase of water and arrange them in the spot of your choosing for an eye-catching display.



17. Layered Textiles

Keeping in line with cosy autumnal decor that’s warm and inviting, consider layering your various textiles.


Put a fall-themed doormat on top of a larger outdoor rug, drape various blankets over the arms of chairs and organize them into wicker baskets. Coordinate colours and prints with cushions and tablecloths. You can never have too many textiles like blankets when the weather starts to cool down.



18. Plaid

Plaid is a versatile fall print that can be integrated into your outdoor space in several different ways including cushions, blankets, and rugs.



19. Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are classic fixtures on a fall porch or deck.


They’re timeless, comfortable, and can be styled to suit pretty much any decor taste. You can find thrifted options for a vintage feel and layer on blankets and cushions. Sit out with your loved ones and enjoy beautiful autumn sunsets from the comfort of your rocking chairs.



20. Basket of Firewood

This is a subtle but distinct decor nod to the fall season.


Neatly arrange the firewood of your choosing into a wicker basket. Birchwood logs work perfectly for this since they’re immediately recognizable without being too obtrusive.



21. Autumn Fruit

You don’t have to only stick with pumpkins when decorating for autumn. Apples are an excellent alternative that can add deep, rich colour into your fall display.



Green apples and pinecones in a basket


Many seasonal wreaths incorporate apples, and you can add faux apples to planters and baskets.



22. Cream and Cinnamon

Not a fan of orange? No problem! You can still decorate for fall without having to rely on the traditional bright shades of oranges and yellows.


Instead, you can lean on a cream and cinnamon colour scheme. This is a more modern, elegant choice, and it’s ideal for outdoor table settings for evening fall dinners.

Start with an ivory table runner, top with bronze hurricanes in different sizes, and complete with rattan chargers for added warmth and earthy texture. You can choose to add subtle greenery and birch branches as added touches, or keep it simple.



23. Fall Hammock

Move your hammock or hanging chair from summer into fall by adding a bright quilt or thick, hand-stitched blanket, some comfortable pillows, and strategically placed lanterns.


You won’t be able to resist cozying up here on a crisp evening with a book.



24. Milk Jug Vases

Vintage ceramic milk jugs just feel like fall when they’re turned into centerpieces.


Add dried twigs, branches or fall flowers to your milk jugs and these repurposed containers will subtly elevate and add to your autumn decor.



25. Blanket Bar Cart

Bar carts are often associated with the summer, but they can have their moment during the fall as well.


Upgrade your traditional bar cart by adding fleece blankets, ingredients for s’mores or candy apples, and a bottle of wine or apple cider. Roll it over to your hammock, seating area or fire pit and you’ve got the perfect autumn staple that’s functional and looks great.



26. Don’t Be Afraid to Add More

Sometimes, more works well when it comes to seasonal decor.


Piles of pumpkins, doors flanked by tall stalks of corn and matching scarecrows, multiple large pots of bright mums, layered checked rugs and blankets–all of these elements work together to greet visitors with the reminder that fall is in the air.



27. Autumn Archway

A show-stopping seasonal display can be achieved in the form of an autumn archway in your backyard or over your door.


A floral pumpkin arch that’s rich with texture and fall tones with multiple additions woven through like leaves and gourds is a beautiful way to decorate your outdoor space for autumn.



28. Fall Bench

If you have a bench available, then you can easily incorporate it into your fall decor display.


Layer it with plaid blankets and colourful, earthy-toned cushions. Arrange pumpkins, lanterns, and flower baskets around the sides, and you’ll be left with an inviting spot all season long.




Use these ideas for inspiration when you’re transforming your backyard by transitioning the decor from summer to fall.


See how you can incorporate these ideas into your outdoor space and make it a unique and beautiful area that you can still enjoy as the seasons change.




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