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Have questions? You're not the only one.


We've been building beautiful custom decks for a long time. Over that time, we've come across some common questions that we get asked over and over.


If you have a question that is not listed, please use the link below to contact us. We're more than happy to help answer any questions you might have.



Get in Touch With Decks by Premier

Getting Started


What is your specialty?

Our specialty is custom decks and outdoor structures. Decks by Premier is custom deck and outdoor structures company. That's all we do. But we do it really well.

How long have you been in business?

If you go back to our roots, we've been in the lumber business in Waterloo region for over 90 years. We know all the players and we have the expertise to take on any custom deck project.

Do you have staff or do you sub-contract?

Our highly trained and experienced staff are all Premier employees. The only time we use sub-contractors is for the installation of helical piles (for deck supports) when we get too busy for our in-house pile installation team. Even then, we use a local company that we know, have worked with for years, and trust the quality of their foundational supports. After all, the whole project rests on that foundation.

Can I see references?

Of course you can. When you setup a call for us to come out, we bring our references. You can also look at our project work, or check out our Google Reviews.

The Process



Do you charge a deposit?

Yes. Any reputable deck design-build company will charge you a deposit. We normally take 30% of the project up-front, but depending on custom work we might need more. We don't just do this to protect us, we take the deposits so we can start buying components that you need to avoid delays later in the build process because we're waiting on an item that is sold out or on backorder.

Will there be a supervisor on-site during the project?

We use project management software and our staff uploads pictures daily of the project. Our upper management team reviews each project at the end of each day. We also have a lead builder who will visit job sites regularly to make sure that progress and quality standards are being followed. Learn more about the Premier Build Process.

How do you handle it when something goes wrong?

We stand behind all of our materials and workmanship. The Premier Promise means you're covered for anything that goes wrong during or even after we're done the build. We are a fully licensed and insured builder and we follow strict safety guidelines when onsite to keep you and your property as safe as possible. Our reputation rests on our customer service. We always do everything we possibly can to make it right.

Why should I choose a design-build contractor?

A design-build deck contractor like Decks by Premier has an in-house design and engineering team that works closely with our installation teams. This means that our designs are realistic and we know they can be built and built well. But, it also means that our build team pays attention to design details and can reference the design team any time they are unsure of how something should look, It's a lot easier to make sure we get the design right when we have the whole team working together.

Do I need a permit to build my deck?

Permit requirements vary from city to city and can also depend on the custom deck. Custom decks with multiple levels, outdoor kitchens, lighting etc may require multiple permits. But, you don't have to worry because Premier's team takes care of all of the permits for you! Talk to your Premier designer when they come for the on-site consultation so they can advise you on what permits are needed for you custom deck.

Is Decks by Premier a licensed and insured contracting company?

Yes. We are a fully licensed and insured custom deck builder.

Will my new composite deck fade?

Canadian seasons can be hard on decking material. The changes in temperature, exposure to water and direct UV all play a role on how long your deck will last. When it comes to colour, we recommend that you should expect the deck colour to gradually fade about 30% from the it's starting colour.

How long will it take to build my deck?

Every project is different, depending on the complexity and add-ons. Normally, we aim to complete the build process in 10 to 14 days from the time we start building. The helical support piles are usually installed earlier on and then depending on finishes and add-ons like lighting or outdoor kitchen elements we might have to add some additional time at the end. When you meet with us for your free no-obligation quote, we will be able to give you an estimate for the build time (and total project time).

Other Questions


Should I place a grill mat under my BBQ on the deck?

In short, yes. Whether your BBQ grill is sitting on your composite deck or a concrete slab, putting a grill mat underneath it can help protect the surface from heat damage and stains from cooking grease. A grill mat is a relatively inexpensive accessory that can save you money on refinishing or cleaning costs.

Can I get a completely maintenance-free deck?

Unfortunately, there are no deck building materials on the market that are completely maintenance-free. The good thing is that there are several products that require very little maintenance. Speak with your Premier designer and let them know how much maintenance you're willing to do and we will try to work with you to build a deck that meets your requirements.

What costs more - wood or composite decking?

In the short term, composite decking costs more. But over the lifetime of a deck, you will need to maintain and possibly even replace the wood deck more often than a composite deck. That could mean savings of tens of thousands of dollars over the years you enjoy your outdoor space.

My deck surface needs to be replaced. Do you do re-capping?

Yes. If your existing deck framing is solid and less than 6-8 years old we should be able to reuse it. Re-capping means that we remove all the wood surface decking and but keep all of the posts, joists etc. underneath. This can save you significant costs and time, but may limit your new design and what you can and can't do for upgrades. The best thing is to talk to your Premier designer to see what the best custom deck solution is for your yard.

Will a new deck add value to my home?

We build stunning custom decks that often become a main selling feature for your home. Not only will our decks add value, they might be one of the main reasons your house sells!

Still have questions?

We have answers. Reach out a speak to our expert team.