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9 Ways to Extend Patio Season

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As summer wraps up and you start to close the pool, tuck seasonal items into storage, and pull out your sweaters, it is hard not to feel a little bit sad about the warmer months coming to an end. However, while the long, hot days of summer may be behind us this year, that does not mean that patio season is fully complete.


In fact, you can extend patio season significantly. With a positive attitude and some simple additions to your outdoor living space, you can even enjoy sitting outside on your deck or patio well into the fall and winter months.


Below, we offer some of our favourite tips for making the most of your patio in cooler weather. Continue reading to see if any of these ideas catch your attention and motivate you to incorporate them into your home.



Move Patio Furniture Closer to Your House

For many things in life, the “location is everything” rule applies.


From setting up your business in an ideal location to placing your healthiest snacks at eye level in the cupboard, location and convenience play a significant role in our daily decisions. For this reason, consider moving your patio furniture closer to your home once the temperatures start to fall.


Likely, you do not like the idea of walking through knee-deep snow just to sit at your bistro set and enjoy your morning coffee on a sunny winter morning. In addition, you may be less likely to sit in your favourite chair if it is in a dark corner of the yard. Therefore, prepare for the shorter and cooler days by moving your furniture to ideal locations for you.



Setup Heat Sources

At some point in your life, you have likely sat outside in the fall or winter on a patio at a bar, lounge, or nightclub. Did you notice the heat source that kept you comfortable and allowed the business to extend its outdoor dining and entertainment season?


Perhaps it was a tall propane heater, a fireplace, or a tabletop fire feature. In more rural or rustic outdoor environments, it may have been a wood-burning firepit. Luckily, you can add these types of outdoor heating solutions to your home as well!


When selecting a heat source, consider the size of your space and the type of solutions that will work best for you. Always be mindful of the proximity of your heating unit to your house and other flammable furniture and décor in your outdoor living space. Safety first!



Build a Pergola

You will be amazed at how much of a difference a pergola or gazebo can make in the fall and winter.



Christmas lights on gazebo in winter


Simply having a roof to take shelter under can significantly extend your patio season and reduce the chill you feel when enjoying your outdoor living space.


Opt to use thick curtains to block the wind in one or multiple directions. You can also temporarily close off all sides with curtains or impermanent walls to help keep the heat from your heat source more contained.



Add Lighting

As the days get shorter (and you wonder how on earth it is dark by 6 PM), it is easy to curl up on the couch after dinner and hunker down until it is time to go to bed.


For this reason, adding extra light to your outdoor living space is key to encouraging you to spend more time on your patio.


In early fall, many nights are still pleasant – especially if you throw on a sweater and some warm socks. This means you could be missing out on enjoyable nights outdoors simply because the sun went down.


Increase lighting by adding lanterns, sconces, torches, and string lights to your seating areas. Our favourite lighting solution is moonlighting, which you can learn more about in our blog post about elevating your space with outdoor moonlight lighting.



Cook Outdoors

One of the best parts of summer is cooking and eating outdoors. Luckily, this beloved patio activity can continue even when the snow is flying.


Paired with a covered seating area and a heating source, you may even find that you enjoy entertaining outdoors in the fall and winter.


A trusty BBQ is a go-to option for outdoor cooking that helps keep the grill master warm. You may also enjoy cooking pizzas as a family with an outdoor pizza oven (either stone or electric). Don't forget about propane cooker burners too. Host a corn boil or deep fry a bunch of chicken wings as part of a potluck with your neighbours. For a fun night with friends, have a fondue party or cozy up on the patio with a hot chocolate or cider.


Cooking over an open flame can also provide the opportunity for fun family memories or give you and your partner a chance to relax and reconnect. Cook in cast iron or keep it simple with a basic grill. Roasting marshmallows and cooking spider dogs are other classic ways to enjoy cooking outdoors in any season.



Install a Hot Tub

If you have a pool, you likely spend much of your summer around the water and feel a bit sad every time you need to close it down for the year. Luckily, hot tubs are all-season, making them an excellent addition to your patio!



Friends cheers in hot tub in winter


Most people love a great soak in a hot tub either by themselves, with their partner, or with a group of friends. So we bet people will eagerly come by for a visit and bring their swimsuits when invited.


Bask in the warmth of the water and let your muscles relax, or grab a drink and take time to catch up with friends or your spouse. We bet you’ll never regret adding a hot tub to your outdoor living space!



Make it Cozy

A key part of successfully extending your patio season is keeping your space cozy with comfortable patio furniture and accessories.


Opt for patio sets that can withstand the elements, and choose waterproof cushions. No one wants to sit on cold, metal lawn chairs when the temperature starts to dip, so invest in high-quality patio furniture that will suit all seasons.


Don't forget to load up on warm blankets, soft pillows, and cozy throws that everyone can use. Bring out a heated blanket or snuggle up with a loved one for extra heat.



Create an Outdoor Movie Space

Fall and winter is a great time to think about how to bring elements of indoor living outside. With the days getting shorter, you are likely settling in sooner and turning on the tv to watch your favourite show or movie. So why not try setting up a space to do that outdoors?


An outdoor theatre or entertainment space does not need to be complicated. Make the patio furniture in your pergola or sheltered area of your deck cozy, and bring out a tv or laptop. You can also purchase portable projection screens for a reasonable cost, making outdoor lounging easy. Then, make a bag of popcorn and enjoy your show!



Embrace and Celebrate the Seasons

It is easy to start grumbling once the pretty autumn leaves fall from the trees and you start to put hats, mitts, and boots into the hall closet. However, winter will arrive whether we like it or not, so we are better off embracing – and even celebrating – all that each unique season brings.



Couple putting up holiday decorations on patio


Decorate your patio for Halloween, or load up on autumn décor. For the December holidays, add string lights to your patio before it gets too cold out. These little touches will help you get into the spirit of the season and make your outdoor living space feel more attractive to hang out in.


Also, look for opportunities to enjoy cold-weather activities like skating, sledding, skiing, and snowshoeing. Find a horse-drawn trail ride in your community, or go cut your own Christmas tree as a family. When you get home, turn on your outdoor heat source, make some hot cocoa, and enjoy the holiday decorations on your patio.




In conclusion, there are many ways to extend patio season. From setting yourself up for success by moving your patio furniture closer to embracing the beauty of each season, you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces longer with a few small investments and improvements.


Never underestimate how a pergola or sheltered area of your deck can help cut the wind and keep you warmer. Add additional heat sources that you can turn on or cuddle up around. Find ways to continue cooking outdoors and make a fun evening out of the experience.


Don't forget to fill your patio furniture with cozy blankets and add extra light to compensate for the cooler, darker days. Also, have some fun with a hot tub, outdoor theatre, and holiday decorations.


With these tips, you will be enjoying your outdoor living spaces to the max all year-'round!



Create Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space with Decks by Premier

Truly enjoying your patio in all seasons throughout the year requires you to have an outdoor living space that you are proud of.


If your deck is in need of an upgrade, consider giving us a call at Decks by Premier. We have been honoured to serve the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and surrounding communities for over 90 years and counting.


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