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An outdoor structure such as a pavilion, gazebo, pergola or cabana provides a covered outdoor space that can be used for sitting or entertaining. Outdoor structures offer additional privacy and protection from the weather so you can enjoy your space on hot days and in the rain.



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Custom Pavilions

A custom pavilion is a great way to create a covered area in your yard where you can have an outdoor kitchen, seating area, fireplace, and TV or movie screen. Leave the underside of the roof exposed to add the warm glow of natural wood to your decor. Pavilions don't have walls and are usually built on permanent floor such as a deck or concrete slab.



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Pergola in backyard with fireplace



Custom Pergolas

Pergolas add a stately level of elegance to any backyard design. They are open and airy and still allow through sunlight but also provides shade and a covered place to sit. You can add curtains or even a sun shade to take your pergola to the next level. We only use quality lumber that will last for years with very little maintenance, but we can also design your pergola out of vinyl, composite and other modern materials.



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Pool cabana by pool



Custom Cabanas

A poolside cabana not only serves as a shower and change room for your guests, it can also have a covered seated area and other amenities. Add simple upgrades like heating and lighting or really take it to the next level by including a sauna or covered hot tub area. Speak with our designers to get an amazing custom poolside cabana for your backyard oasis.



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Backyard gazebo built off of deck



Custom Gazebos

Gazebos differ from pavilions in that they have walls and a floor. You can place your gazebo directly on your lawm or on a base pad. Gazebos often have more than four sides, and can have as many as eight sides on an octaganol design. You can upgrade your gazebo with built in lighting, built-in seating, and even add flower boxes on the sides. 



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