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Design Ideas for an Awesome Pergola

Outdoor patio pergola.



Pergolas are timeless statement pieces that add a stylish element to any backyard.


Here are some unique pergola design ideas if you’re having trouble deciding what would work best.



1. Side Curtains

Gauzy curtains can add a simple, yet dreamy quality to your pergola in the summer. The thicker the material, the more privacy you’ll be offered, and you can choose whatever colours work for your outdoor space.



2. Garden Swings

Swings are a popular way to make your pergola multifunctional. Hanging swings add a touch of playfulness and are more unique than a typical chair or bench.



Garden swing.



3. Canvas Shade

Retractable canvas shades are a great option if you’d like the shade for certain periods and lengths of time during the day.



4. Deck

Incorporating a deck with your pergola is an excellent way to expand your design options. Adding some shabby chic chairs, curtains, and the right lighting can transform your backyard into a relaxing getaway.



5. Garden Nook

Tucking your pergola into a corner of your backyard and adding greenery to it like hanging plants and trailing vines can give make it look like it’s straight out of a storybook.



Pergola with two chairs underneath.



6. Romantic Lighting

Lighting is such a simple way to improve the look of a pergola. Find the style that best suits your preferences, whether that’s fairy lights, Edison bulbs or globe lights, and watch this easy touch add an element of romance to your pergola.



7. Lattice Panels

White lattice panels are timeless for a reason. They offer a simple, yet distinct touch of character to any outdoor space while also providing added privacy.



8. Reading Corner

Pergolas can easily be transformed into a reading nook that’s comfortable and cozy.



Garden furniture under pergola.


Who wouldn’t want to escape to their own private corner to unwind with a book? Include a comfortable outdoor lounger and the right lighting, and you’ll be able to relax here for hours.



9. Rustic Charm

Weaving wicker into your pergola design is an excellent and trendy way to add a rustic touch to your backyard garden.



10. Steel

Steel beams add a distinctly industrial look that’s both modern and effortlessly cool. This pergola design will certainly stand out and act as a central point of discussion for any visitors.




Pergolas are incredibly versatile design elements that can be creatively adapted in order to match your sense of style and personal taste.


Happy decorating!




Paul Hickman at 9:00 AM
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