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Pergolas add a stately level of elegance to any backyard space. Inspired by European design, but crafted to withstand North American weather, pergolas provide protection from the elements while allowing natural sunlight and warmth to come through.


A pergola extends your living space and increases the amount of time you can spend outside — a luxury to anyone who is all too familiar with the fleeting days of warm weather.



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Our custom pergolas are made from high-quality lumber or vinyl, composite, and other modern materials.


The benefit of working with Premier and creating a custom pergola to complement your outdoor space is that we don’t take shortcuts on quality or the important finishing touches.


The best part? You’re involved in every step of the design process alongside us.


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Poolside pergola with outdoor furniture and a television


Something for Everyone

A pergola provides much-needed protection from the elements while extending that usable space of your home a little bit further and creating cohesion between your indoor and outdoor spaces.


A custom pergola design provides a unique element to your outdoor space, while also having a functional use (think climbing vines!).


Whether you prefer the timeless look of wood or the modern functionality of aluminum, each custom pergola is handcrafted from premium materials, built to order, and completely customizable to your specific needs.


From style and dimensions to finishing colour and touches, you have endless options to choose from that will allow your outdoor space to stand out.


The benefit of a custom design means that your outdoor space will truly feel like your own.


Custom Wood Pergolas


If you appreciate a natural and timeless appearance, then a custom wood pergola might be the right fit for you.


There’s something truly special about a thoughtfully designed and crafted element in your home, whether that be indoors or outdoors. It immediately draws your attention, starts a conversation, and acts as a reminder of the importance of quality workmanship that will last through generations.

Wood pergola over a deck

Our custom-made wood pergolas are just that — a statement piece in your outdoor environment that is versatile in nature and will provide you with ample light and warmth, while also protecting you from less-than-desirable weather conditions.


Handcrafted from premium materials, our custom wood pergolas require minimal maintenance and will last you decades.


A custom wood pergola can be made from 6x6 timber posts with premium-grade, pressure-treated lumber. The laminated beams are designed to resist warping and support the weight of the structure. We offer 8x8, 10x10, and decorative Douglas fir or other cladding material.



Custom wood pergola in backyard


If you’re ready to take your morning coffee-drinking experience to a new level,
let’s get in touch and begin the design process. 



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Custom Vinyl & Aluminum Pergolas


Envision your outdoor living space easily adapting to the ever-changing climate of North American seasons.


An outdoor BBQ in January without having to shovel snow first? Enjoying a drink with friends in the scorching heat of August under the comfortable shade of your pergola? Reading outside while it rains, with a hot cup of tea? All of these can be a reality for you and your family. 

Aluminum pergola in backyard


Our custom vinyl and aluminum pergolas offer the same versatility as our wooden pergola products, except without all of the maintenance.


By sheathing the lumber structure with easy-to-clean vinyl you won’t need to worry about painting or staining your structure. Although you lose some of the warmth of natural wood, the latest vinyl and aluminum products offer a sleek, modern look to complement your backyard design.


The core structure of your vinyl pavilion is the same high-quality 6x6 custom-selected pine which is then sheathed in maintenance-free vinyl.



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The interior rafters are 1x6 tongue and groove which can be stained or painted to match your desired aesthetic. During the design process, you will sit down with our design experts and discuss the available options for your vinyl pavilion.


Some of them include:


  • Dimensions: Discuss the size of your custom vinyl or aluminum pavilion. Standard options include sizes between 10’x10’ all the way up to 20’ x 40’, but we can also custom design a size to fit your space.
  • Additional Upgrades: Completely customize your vinyl or aluminum pavilion with options with upgraded posts, sound, and lighting packages, or by adding a cupola or other distinctive features.

The Finishing Touches


You’ve probably heard the saying “the devil is in the details”. Well, it’s not incorrect.


The finishing touches can make or break even the cleverest designs. Whether that be the shades chosen or the wood stain, those final design elements truly bring your custom pergola to life and help make it a statement. Our in-house designers have a keen eye for functionality and aesthetics, so you will be in good hands with our team.

Detailed custom pergola in backyard


Speak with our designers to add accessories to your custom pergola design.


Our team can customize and install add-on lighting, sound, heating, and privacy solutions to your pergola design so you can get even more enjoyment out of your new outdoor space.​

Book your free no-obligation design consultation and let our team
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