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Creating Privacy

Premier can help you add privacy to your custom-built deck.


Creating the perfect backyard oasis where you can sit and relax can be difficult if you’re located close to your neighbours or near a busy roadway. Background noise and prying eyes can easily distract you from your family time. A good privacy screen can give your deck added protection from the elements and noise while offering privacy from your neighbours.



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Your deck should offer you the privacy you need to enjoy your own personal oasis away from the world.


A properly placed privacy screen can help control traffic noise, shield you from neighbours, or even block an unsightly view.


You don’t have to sit on your deck and stare at your air conditioning unit or pool heater or other unsightly objects in your yard.

You Can Add Privacy Using Plants or Trees


Planting tall, leafy plants around your seating area can help define the space as well as offering the privacy you need.


If you plant the right types of shrubs or flowers you can also add a splash of welcome color to your design and, as a bonus, a wonderful scent when they are in bloom.

Lots of trees and plants in private backyard

Add a Wall


If you really need to block out something completely, our designer can include a wall or privacy fence in your design.


Even a simple two panel fence can cap off a backyard space and make it feel warmer and more inviting.

Composite deck with black privacy fencing

Add Overhead Cover


We can discuss adding a pergola or other outdoor structure if you need to completely block the view from taller residences near you.


If you’re next-door neighbour can see your deck from their second-floor windows, we can help by installing a canopy, awning, or sun sail above your seating area.


Depending on the fabric you choose, you can control the color, and amount of light that gets through and the amount of privacy or shade you want. Talk with our designer to see whether a fabric awning or more permanent structure are best for your oasis.

Pergola in backyard incorporating wood and brick

Add a Trellis


Even though a trellis won’t offer you complete privacy, it’s a great way to break up the view while also adding charm and coziness to your space. 


Add some plants or climbing vines to increase the privacy factor and add even more rustic charm to your yard.

Backyard deck with pergola and trellis

Hang Outdoor Curtains


If we’re adding a custom outdoor structure to your yard, such as a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion, then you could also hang curtains or an awning from the structure to increase your privacy.


Imaging being able to draw those curtains closed and sit peacefully inside your space while blocking out the rest of the world.

Outdoor curtains in cozy backyard deck area.



Adding curtains can also add some colour to your design and immediately ups the coziness factor of your backyard retreat.


Outdoor fabric has come a long way over the past decade and will stand up well in different weather while blocking the sun and keeping you cool on the hottest days. When you need that breeze, you can just slide them open to let the air in and open-up the space for entertaining.


Decks by Premier offers many privacy screen options, including custom designed wood, cedar, aluminium and glass dividers.


You can easily transform your deck into a tranquil, private space where you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.





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