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Deck Railing Systems

Every deck which is 24 inches above the ground or higher requires a railing around the deck and along the stairs. Safety reasons aside, deck railings help define the space, and can add a cozy feeling to your backyard oasis.


If you have a deck overlooking a stunning view, and you don’t want to block it with a railing, you can opt for glass panels or cable railings which minimize the amount of obtrusiveness. There are a lot of options when it comes to railings and new designs are being released each season. To get started, lets cover some basic terminology about railings.



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There are essentially four main parts of a railing:


  • Spindles - the vertical supports that sit between a handrail and base rail. Also known as a balustrade.

  • Base rail - sits on top of the string or along a landing.

  • Handrail - a rail that sits on top of the baluster/spindles.

  • Railing post - the vertical post that supports the handrail at the top and bottom of the stairs.



Thanks to innovations in materials and designs you can choose different materials, colours, or looks for any part of the railing.


For example, you could have wood railing posts with a wood handrail and aluminum/steel spindles and base rail.




Choosing Your Deck Railing

Choosing the right deck railing for your new deck can be challenging. Our expert team will work with you to find the right deck railing style to match your vision.


Learn more about the benefits of railing system before speaking with our designers.

Decks by Premier offers:

  • Wood Railings

  • Aluminum Glass Railings

  • Aluminum Picket Railings

  • Frameless Glass Railings

  • Composite Railings

  • Cable Railing systems

Wood Railings


For a classic look you can’t beat the warmth of wood railings. Wood railings help add a warmth to your backyard and tie in seamlessly with your decking or other outdoor structures.


The natural look and feel of wood grain comes at a price though; they require regular maintenance to prevent them from rotting over time.

Wood railing

Premier can help design a wood railing that fits your look perfectly, even combining a wood frame and handrail with aluminum/steel spindles or glass panels.


Talk to our designers to discuss all the available options for wood railings.


Aluminum Glass Canadian-Made Railings


Aluminium glass railings provide your deck with a superior, high-quality look while maintaining functionality and safety.


Aluminum glass railings come with aluminum, powder coated posts to prevent cracking or rust for a lifelong quality finish. 

Glass aluminum railings


Our glass panels are made from the highest quality tempered safety glass, like what is used on your car windows.




The glass panels between the posts can be installed with or without an aluminum handrail or base rail, depending on the system chosen (frameless glass railings). 


Aluminium glass railings are durable and can withstand harsh climates with heavy snow and rain loads. But they do require some maintenance and regular cleaning, especially if you have heavy traffic, small children, or pets. The biggest advantage to an aluminum glass railing deck system is the ability to see through the railings and therefore not block the view from your seated area.

Aluminum Picket Canadian-Made Railings

The standard looks for an aluminum railing, pickets are a more economical way to add a railing to your deck.


Aluminium picket railings are corrosion resistant and finished with a powder-coat finish to prevent cracking and chipping for a lifelong quality finish and require very little maintenance.

Aluminum picket railing


In fact, besides an annual cleaning and wipe down, they are a maintenance free option with a long lifetime of enjoyment.


Aluminum pickets also offer a sturdy, classic look to your deck design and can still be capped with a wood handrail or set between wood posts for some warmth.

Frameless Glass Ontario-Made Railings

(Fascia Glass Railing) Frameless glass railings are a durable and safe railing solution as this system does not have a top or bottom frame which, prevents children and pets from climbing on the railing system.


Frameless glass railings also help minimize snow accumulation and wind on your deck by providing a solid barrier from the wind.

Frameless glass railing


There are a large variety of support posts, clamps, and other materials used to support the panel system and Premier can help you find the perfect combination for the look you are trying to achieve.


Like aluminum glass railings, these will require regular cleaning in high traffic households.

Composite Railings & Vinyl USA-Made Railings

Composite and Vinyl railings are very similar in look and appearance.


Both offer extreme durability, and both require very little maintenance aside from cleaning. Composite railing systems are made from the same composite material as composite decking.

Composite railing


Both vinyl and composite provide unparalleled mold and mildew protection and is resistant to stains, insect infestations and scratches.


They are available in a huge selection of colours, contours, and shapes to match almost any design from modern to classic.

Canadian-Made Cable Railings

Cable railings offer an unobstructed view like glass panel systems but with a lot less cleaning and maintenance.


Cable railing systems are available for decks under 24” high or 24” off the ground. Unlike glass panels, they don’t block the wind or snow from your deck but are a great option when you want that nice breeze to run across your deck.

Backyard with cable railings


Cable railing systems also come in a wide variety of options. You can get vertical cables, horizontal cables, you can add a wood handrail or combine it with other systems.


Cable railing systems withstand exposure to all harsh weather climates with ease and are coated with a protective barrier to ensure corrosion resistance.

ADA Railings Made in the USA

Accessible railings can be added to almost any custom deck design.


By adding ADA railings to your railing system, you can make it easier for elderly or disabled people to use your deck and stairs. If you have a member of the household that needs accessibility features such as ADA railings or an accessible ramp instead of stairs, let our designers know.  

ADA handrail

Made in the USA Cocktail Railings

The latest and very popular trend in deck design, cocktail railings consist of a wider than normal, flat surface as the handrail or top rail of your railing system.


The wider space functions as a place to rest your drinks or coffee when entertaining with family and friends. Cocktail railings are a great idea near your outdoor kitchen or bar, or if you have a beautiful view where everyone seems to congregate. 

Cocktail railing overlooking pond


Speak to your Premier designer on how you can crank up your design with some cocktail railings.