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Once you’ve approved the design concept, we crunch the numbers and create a master project plan and an estimate.


The master project plan provides you with the final design, drawn to scale. It incorporates all elements, including architectural elements and plants. Then, based on your feedback, we’ll make any minor adjustments to the plan. We’ll provide you with a contractual agreement to sign.


Project Administration


  • Periodic construction review and reports necessary to ensure that the work is being carried out in accordance with the design and contract documents;

  • Assistance in recommendations in material selection, e.g. plants, rockery stones, material sourcing, etc.

  • Preparing a short list of trusted contractors to be invited for bidding. Making recommendations to the client.

2 people shaking hands over blueprints


Build Process


Once you’ve approved the estimate, we’ll provide you with an estimated timeline and start creating your dream landscape!


You may experience some inconvenience during this time and should plan ways to minimize your use of your outdoor living space while we are working on your project. But, the inconvenience will be short and the outcome will be well worth it!

Ariel view of backyard with pool.


At the end of your project, we’ll tour your new project together and review all the elements to ensure you’re completely satisfied!


And then, enjoy!


  • Review construction estimates

  • Demolition of unwanted surfaces and structures (if necessary)

  • Grading considerations (ensures proper drainage)

  • Install outdoor living elements (outdoor kitchens, fire pits, etc.)

  • Final cleaning and walkthrough

Guaranteed Excellence

Exceptional design and build quality is what we do. And everything we do is backed by our warranty.